Arching Kaos

The main goal is to create a UNIT that can play various content feed via decentralized sources in a collaborative web radio station.


The repository of arching-kaos project is hosted on a gitea cgit instance.


TODO: Add SSB repository.

More information

For more information you should visit the repository's docs at:

Under the hood


for reliable networking and authentication

External sources

2. Icecast

for providing a stream and relaying streams of other servers

External sources:


for hosting the content

External sources:

4. SSB

for news alerts

TODO Expand its use.

External sources:

5. Liquidsoap

To play a playlist of mixtapes for icecast

External sources:

6. Torrent

To host and share content

External sources:

7. Dat (hyperdrive)

Utilize the filesystem storage in order to make links of the shows uploaded so they can be shared through DAT network also.

External sources:

8. IRC

We need to communicate with instant messaging. Even while ssb protocol's ability to communicate is reliable, I added IRC to have #arching-kaos channel for announcing and (later) uploading mixtapes using Torrents.

External sources:

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