Basic information


Any computer would do. Because of a wave that wants to stop supporting x32 architecture hardware, it's easier nowadays to start with a standard x64 processor.


Information should be open and available to everyone. I can't hold for myself any knowledge that could be valueable by any other being, at least, on this planet. Therefore, I write most of the texts in English language in order to pass the information to as many as possible people.


While software is too a piece of information, which contains certain procedures to run other software and do your stuff in there, companies, make and sell Operating Systems. I choose Linux for the fact that is open source software and that it's backed by a very nice community of people.

Other sources

  • What is this, how can I understand it and make something like this?

Many tools have been used to create this wiki. The host daemon is called trac and you can find more information following the links at the footer of the page.

  • How can I even read this page?

HTTP :-)

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